Show in the sky above the Westerwald:

The Airshow Breitscheid is back!

Finally it’s back – where it belongs – in the sky above Breitscheid the probably most spectacular AIRSHOW in Germany celebrates the long awaited new edition in August 2021.

Rapid formations and breathtaking manoeuvres in the sky above Breitscheid airfield – the spectators will be offered an extraordinary program, sensational flying machines, breathtaking flight manoeuvres and many mega-presentations on the whole area.

In short: 2 days full of sensational attractions!


Airshow 2022!

Today we have to announce a decision that was not easy for us in the organizing team of the...

YAK-Team Wümme comes with their YAK-9

to take part of Airshow Breitscheid. In WW2 the Yakolew 9 was the most used fighter aircraft of...

Local pilot Mike Göst shows gliding aerobatics at its best

and this at the highest level. Loops, turns, rolls - pure aerial acrobatics.Mike shows us the fine...

The FanJet 600 first time at Airshow Breitscheid

It looks like a jet, flies like a jet, but is a trainer with a turbine-driven ducted fan. The...

Ralf and Nico Niebergall come with their Siai SF-260 Marchetti

and a large rc-model which is identical in construction to the air show. Father and son Niebergall...

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