Dirk Bende comes to Breitscheid with his Fieseler FI-156 Storch

There are only a few, ready to fly Fieseler Storch in top restored condition.
In the period from 1936 to 1945 about 2911 planes in different versions were produced. The Storch was used by various air forces as a liaison, observation and ambulance aircraft. Its air-cooled V8 engine type Argus As 10C with 240 HP take-off power gives the over 80 years old Storch real wings and its special short take-off and landing performance have made the FI-156 famous.
The Storch will be on display in the exhibition and in the fliging display.

Welcome with us Dirk Bende and his Storch at the Airshow Breitscheid.